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Get Your Covid Vaccinations at Castle Medical

Castle Medical MP is now a Covid Vaccination Clinic! ?
With a key focus on offering the covid 19 booster vaccination for the vulnerable people of our society including the below:
? Individuals 50 years and above
? 16 yrs or older, and a resident of an aged care or disability care facility
?Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
?6 yrs or older with a medical condition that increases the risk of severe COVID19 illness
?16 years or older with a disability
You can also have your flu vaccine at the same time!
All welcome to book an appointment. Simply visit:…/castle-medical…/doctors
Have a question about the vaccinations? Speak with your GP for advice based on your unique needs.
For more info about advice for groups at greater risk, visit…/advice-for-groups-at-risk

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